Author: Michael R. Dennis

Mike Dennis
Michael Dennis

Founder and CEO of Oregon Aero, Inc, pilot, aircraft mechanic, machinist, aircraft builder, boat builder, machine designer, and inventor, this is author Mike Dennis’ first book. For three decades he’s worked to develop solutions to age-old human ache and pain problems. He’s designed upgrade kits that make aviation helmets and headsets painless, soldier helmets safer as well as comfortable, and painless aircraft seats used by all branches of the military. His experiments have led to several dozen patents and recently, medical devices that have proven to resolve a number of longstanding causes of unnecessary injury to people in a long-term care setting. Now he’s applied his experience to tease out his father’s enigmatic past in spite of a jumble of purposely misleading records.

Editor: Gayle Crowder

Gayle Crowder is an editor and proofreader with a stable of seven authors. Also an avid flyer and aviation writer, she met Mike Dennis through a mutual flying friend. She found his story so fascinating that she relocated, with husband Chris, from North Carolina to Oregon to help research and edit this book.